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Diego Grinfeld

Revista Argentina de Cardioangiología Intervencionista 2020;(2):0088-0088 

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Dear colleagues,

In February 2020, we found out about the existence of a new virus at the Chinese city of Wuhan that would probably cause a pandemic. Still, we could never imagine the world repercussion of this virus and the way we’d have to cope with it in our county.

When back in March 20, 2020 mandatory social confinement was declared in our country, our lives changed overnight, and the only topics of conversation were coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic. This seriously impacted our jobs and our scientific and intellectual development. Our workload dropped and local and international events and congresses were suspended. We had to learn how to work remotely from a computer while being confined inside our own homes.

CACI took over this challenge seriously and started working online from that day one. However, our activities scheduled for his year are still on including new activities and events under the new methodology imposed by the current situation.

We have continued to work on the classes for specialists without any problems with capacity crowd results every time. We have started a course for technicians, nurses, and workers from the industry that join us every year with great repercussion and excellent results. We have been able to host the very first CACI-INDUSTRY workshop for one entire morning with a large number of attendees and great presentations from colleagues and industry workers with a very interesting and enriching final debate too.

We have funded and broadcast workshops, webinars, courses, and events organized by the industry, colleagues or partner societies. Also, we have organized and will keep organizing within the next few months workshops on coronary and structural heart disease, peripheral and aortic vascular disease, and management of venous disease to stay updated and in permanent contact with our members and colleagues from Argentina and Latin America.

Also, we organized the Discussion Response Forum on Infarction under the current COVID-19 Pandemic with acclaimed colleagues from the United States, Europe, and Argentina who participated with a very interesting final discussion in front of a large audience.

From the press office we have tried our best to talk about the problems faced by our medical specialty and the risk that our patients won’t be coming to our offices in a timely manner and the serious consequences derived from this decision with important repercussions on the media, radio, and television.

Thus, recommendations or clinical practice guidelines with the format of consensus documents have been published to protect our patients, members, and colleague health workers paying special attention to the care provided inside the cath lab and unit of hemodynamics. Also, recommendations for the management of acute and chronic heart and valve disease have been published as well.

Our objective is to continue working withthe highest level of normalcy possible and fulfill the compromises already acquired and the new challenges we envisioned at the beginning of the year. Also, it is our desire to celebrate our annual congress at the end of this year. I really can’t wait to see you all again and talk about this “new normal” ahead of us.

We are living very difficult times. However, I strongly believe that if we work together and share one common goal we will prevail and come out stronger and more united than ever.


Diego Grinfeld
President of the CACI  2020 – 2021

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Diego Grinfeld
President of the CACI 2020 – 2021.

Autor correspondencia

Diego Grinfeld
President of the CACI 2020 – 2021.

Correo electrónico: revista@caci.org.ar

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Editorial letter

Diego Grinfeld

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